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Jiangxi Province Lidu Fireworks corporation Co.,Ltd is the largest, the most beautiful and qualification fireworks firms in China. Our firm was founded in 1974, under the leadership of the chairman of the board, national model workers Mr. Deng Qingmao, set up the international advanced fireworks Institute and the national testing center, has developed 8 wholly-owned subsidiaries, covers an area of 4300 mu, and more than 1200 employees, now has become the one unit combining the scientific research, production, sales of fireworks and firecrackers, fireworks discharge.

  After continuous development about forty years, the corporation firm depends on the strong scientific research, perfect quality inspection system, manual arts and mechanized production of those perfect combination processes, has developed into large display shell, Multiple shots Cakes, Lidu candles, toys fireworks, Daytime fireworks, stage cold light fireworks, pattern fireworks and firecrackers of eight series, including more than 3000 varieties,owning two utility model patents. The products were exported to over 60 countries in Europe-America , Asia, and Africa.
  Lidu fireworks was elected as “China Security Production Association executive director units ,”  “Lidu” brand fireworks for its super quality, safety and environment protection, has become the first industry to get through ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, Lidu Fireworks got CE certification privileges of exporting to EU in 2012, and also is the only fireworks firm to get this permission in Chinese fireworks industry. “Lidu” brand fireworks has already become a famous brand all over the world.
  As one of the branch company for Lidu Corporation, Lidu Fireworks Art discharge Company gets the national A-level discharge qualification with international advanced pyrotechnic devices and the professional discharge team of high quality.below is our remarkable shows.
1: Since 1987 to participate the 24th International Fireworks Competition in Spain in San Sebastian , our company is on the behalf of China to win honor for the motherland .
2: In 1999, the 50th anniversary of national day, our firm discharged the fireworks of theme “walk into the new era” in the Tiananmen Square, which became the first music display fireworks in China.
3: in 2001 shanghai APEC meeting, our company’s large landscape fireworks display was praised by president Putin as the “ a beautiful gift to the world from Chinese people”
4: during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Lidu Fireworks created the record of the largest fireworks discharge in domestic, the most varieties of fireworks , the most full-size and specifications and best quality of discharge.
5: in 2009, on the fireworks show of capital 60th anniversary, Lidu Fireworks undertook over 90 percents fireworks display, and became the exclusive music fireworks units in the Tiananmen Square, which makes Lidu Fireworks amazing the world again.
6: in 2012 Shanghai Expo opening ceremony fireworks show, assumed approximately 50% of the fireworks display.
7: in 2016 Hangzhou G20, Lidu Fireworks undertook all of the firework’s task. We are the only assignments displaying company.
  Lidu Fireworks will continue adhering to the spirit of enterprise of  “integrity, dedication, truth-seeking, innovative”,  the business philosophy of “safety first, customer first” and the core values is from small company developed into large companies and make large companies into everyone’s” and the corporate mission of “fireworks safer, the world will be more joyful”, eventually, make our Lidu Fireworks walk into every family and “Lidu” brand known around the world !


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